We believe that VR/AR enable a new dimension of design thinking and collaborative brainstorming experiences.

With the advent of (reasonably) cost effective VR/XR Head Mounted Displays (HMD), it's now feasible to interact in ways that previously were cost prohibitive and/or time consuming.

Virtual Offices are the worst of all worlds

The current crop of immersive offerings coming from the "app store" scene seem geared toward recreating experiences that:

  • sucked to begin with

  • are better experienced in real life (IRL), compared to in a virtual synthetic environment

  • currently are hampered by "app store" monopolies that, while perhaps good intentioned, destroy the value that the internet is designed to provide

What we believe

  • Virtual experiences should be designed to be different than what an in person experience offers

  • Recreating the real world virtually is a "cool party trick" but mostly a low fidelity recreation of experiences that are frankly "better in real life"

  • Immersive experiences should provide value by creating physically impossible interactive and creative opportunities

  • They should transcend devices and vendors and, in the spirit of the internet, promote a connected and interoperable ecosystem.

  • You should be able to get lower fidelity versions of immersive experiences on devices ranging from laptops to TVs to cellphones without the need for expensive hardware

This is just the beginning

Webxr and frameworks built upon it are just the beginning of a new way of building immersive experiences that solve real world problems. Platforms like a-frame are an excellent starting point to bridge the gap between the "flat web" and the "immersive web".